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Defending the Gas Tax

The NC General Assembly is set to return to Raleigh for a third special session on November 7.  We have learned that there is still a strong push from some members to place a cap on the gas tax. 

I'm beginning to feel like the little boy who cried "wolf".  I have warned you since last January that the gas tax could be in danger.  We were able to avoid a cap thus far because of the hard work by a handful of industry lobbyists and NCDOT.  More importantly, a number of our members took the time to come to Raleigh and visit with legislative leaders.  Those members explaining the state of our industry at this time and the loss of jobs that a gas tax would cause made all the difference. 

This time there is a push to cap the tax because the next session on the Legislature convenes in May 2012, after the primary elections.  Legislators who support a tax cap want to run on that cap back home.  The only way to change their minds is for them to hear from YOU and your employees.  We will be providing information to help you make those contacts.  And I am always happy to come to your district and make that visit with you.  Nothing could be more important at this time.

Make no mistake, this will be an ongoing battle.  We have held a gas tax cap off three times in 2011.  With your help we can do it again.

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